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Everything Travel, Water-centric & Land: There is special adoration and emphasis on
 beach& sea destinations at Marinarena but land excursions are also appreciated- 
and they can be booked professionally at LAVA Travel.


Chill Out & Wellness: Marinarena is nice to enjoy while relaxing - whether out on
a smooth sail or grounded at home. Relax and get travel and general wellness tips here.




Writing and Poetry, Travel-Related and Otherwise:
Read, like and share posts from blogger/poet, Marinarena



Support, Advocacy & Charity: Support worthy causes which Marinarena
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Special Marinarena areas to explore:


Travel & Wellness- Curated area for wellness travel and general well-being tips

Virtual Sanity Zone- Curated chill out & learning area

Cruisin It- Dedicated page on sailing, river and oceanic cruising. With suggested vendors


Images & Words- Marinarena beach & sea photo gallery, poetic highlights and more to be featured

Marinarena labels: , human, writer, poet, blogger, traveler (traveller for the Brits), travel advisor, American, freedom lover, civil libertarian, enthusiast, one who doesn't like labels.


Travel type: Daytripper, Casual, Coastal , Suburban 


Countries traveled: United States of America
United Kingdom ( England, Scotland), Mexico, France,  Italy,
Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary 

Destination Affinities:

The Americas, California, Florida, Italy, most island countries
Wellness travel destinations


Writing Style: Observational, free verse, Stream of Conscious


Top Books: 

The Divine Comedy (La Divina Commedia), To Kill a Mockingbird, Langston Hughes poems, Catcher in the Rye, House on Mango Street, Kundera novels


Top Writers: Merrit Malloy, Langston Hughes


Top Movies:

Forrest Gump, Moulin Rouge, Sense and Sensibility, Eve's Bayou, Naked Gun, Fellini and Bergman films


Preferred Cuisines Worth Traveling for:

Authentic Regional Italian and Italian American (pizza, pasta)
American (American southern, Californian)
Salad and chicken dishes - all kinds

Regional Mexican & Latin American (including Peruvian)




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