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Marinarena is an observational poet, who’s a tad bit on the mysterious side, mostly happy, very down-to-earth, curious, and absolutely looks forward what life will reveal to her. She is a American writer with roots along the East Coast, from Virginia to the Carolinas and Florida. Her coming-of-age story flourished mainly in California. However, her heart and soul has drifted throughout America and to all over the world, of which she plans to see more.

Writing has been a way to let her inner thoughts run rampant and has become like a best friend to whom to turn in need for understanding and healing. Particularly, it is poetry that is a muse for her, thriving on freeform and a confessional style. She has a strong admiration for metaphors and irony. Poetry has become a source for wit and insight for human relationships. One of her common writing approaches is to recognize but expand on poetry’s conventions, such as the haiku. Her poetry also expands itself in  prose. As for her goals as a writer, she strives to connect with her readers, not to leave one thinking, “what’s the point here?” or “what the world is she trying to say?


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As a reader, she is partial to poetry and 20th century novels and plays as well as stories of everyday life, journeys and coming-of-age stories,  post-modern fiction, journal-style writing and biographies. Considerable all-time favorites books include: 
Dante's The Divine Comedy, To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye and Island of Blue Dolphins. 

In poetry, Marinarena is most partial to the keen works of marvelous Merrit Malloy and Langston Hughes. They are highly influential in Marinarena's observational perspective on human relations, especially when addressing matters of the heart and relationships, as well as societal concerns. Another favorite author, Milan Kundera is a source of inspiration with his mastery of showcasing the idiosyncrasies of dialogue. 

Aside from literary influences, she is inspired and has
 a great fondness for musician/songwriters- including but not limited to Jewel, Sting, Alana Davis and Sarah McLachlan.  Moreover, she is a lover of most genres, from country to orchestral classical, rock to reggae and old school soul to progressive metal. Both of these reflect her gravitation to “slice of life” and “tell it like it is” storytelling.

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Avid Contributor of the former
Travel Writer/Contributor of The Culture Trip
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Travel Tour Guide (southern California & Virginia
Cruise Tour Consultant
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