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Sausage & Bean Pie

Place: Oxford, England ; Time: 2007

Letting myself go
that British holiday one July,
I came to discover
sausage & bean pie
and how ... to let go
of a lover.

I found more comfort
in having that pie
than with him,
craved to devour the porky flesh
than to take it from my lover.

I appreciated the consistency of that pie
but could not tolerate anymore
the denseness of my lover,
found that pie marvelously crumbly-
but adversely flaky- my lover.

What a delectable affair I had!
I delighted in the few moments
each time with my pie
than with the old guy
Yes, really!

Mainly in Oxford ,
along St Giles-Cornmarket street
and at the Covered Market,
I had my fresh substitute for love-
a savory pie.

Just in a few weeks,
I lost the appetite of my old lover
He was chopped liver
becoming putrid well beyond taste-
and thought !

Some could judge me badly
but I heartily indulged
in that scrumptious pie,
much more than I ever did in him-
and I did not dare to fight the bulge.

Why, I was on holiday!
I was not inclined
to deny myself,
as I had before
with my old lover back home.



Winter Traveling Man

Time: 2004 

It was November he came and went away 
like a sudden zephyr in the sky

I was just another station along his pathway,
he, another pass-her-by

but he moved me 
at the turnstile

I welcomed him gladly
and for a moment,

I was madly
enamored and rapt

He fed me a pass
and of course I took it

My eyes glinted
his legs shook

but anything else from him was just hinted-
this, I never mistook

I reminisce
those minuscule moments we had

but he I do not miss
no point to pine for the perennial nomad 

for him I have not shed a tear
since I knew I was a station 

I could not have gone places with him
to think otherwise would be a silly whim

this would have caused him consternation…
frankly, of this he would not hear!



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