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Sausage & Bean Pie

Place: Oxford, England ; Time: 2007

Letting myself go
that British holiday one July,
I came to discover
sausage & bean pie
and how ... to let go
of a lover.

I found more comfort
in having that pie
than with him,
craved to devour the porky flesh
than to take it from my lover.

I appreciated the consistency of that pie
but could not tolerate anymore
the denseness of my lover,
found that pie marvelously crumbly-
but adversely flaky my lover.

What a delectable affair I had!
I delighted in the few moments
each time with my pie
than with the old guy
Yes, really!

Mainly in Oxford ,
along St Giles-Cornmarket street
and at the Covered Market,
I had my fresh substitute for love-
a savory pie.

Just in a few weeks,
I lost the appetite of my old lover
He was chopped liver
becoming putrid well beyond taste-
and thought !

Some could judge me badly
but I heartily indulged
in that scrumptious pie,
much more than I ever did in him-
and I did not dare to fight the bulge.

Why, I was on holiday!
I was not inclined
to deny myself,
as I had before
with my old lover back home.


Winter Traveling Man

Time: 2004 

It was November he came and went away 
like a sudden zephyr in the sky

I was just another station along his pathway,
he, another pass-her-by

but he moved me 
at the turnstile

I welcomed him gladly
and for a moment,

I was madly
enamored and rapt

He fed me a pass
and of course I took it

My eyes glinted
his legs shook

but anything else from him was just hinted-
this, I never mistook

I reminisce
those minuscule moments we had

but he I do not miss
no point to pine for the perennial nomad 

for him I have not shed a tear
since I knew I was a station 

I could not have gone places with him
to think otherwise would be a silly whim

this would have caused him consternation…
frankly, of this he would not hear!











Poetic Graphics:
Original Marinarena Poetry, 
Prose and Quotes

As Featured on Substack

...inspired by the California town and an old late friend.


Harmless you arrive
wanting to cling around me
why do I cringe you?

Other Fish
sure, there are other
fish in the sea 
but they are
still so cold-blooded


OCEAN IN YOU  Girl, you are more than a marsh. You’re an ocean. Endless, you cover much territory. There are so many areas yet explored in you. Resplendent, you glisten all over and give a sparkle in the eyes of countless admirers. Engaging, you put on a grand cabaret of nature. You’re a huge draw making quite the splash everywhere you run. People often underestimate your power and take you for granted, so you teach them a lesson. You’re quite deadly. Many crave to hear your deep and gentle resonance eternal and ethereal. You’re quite peaceful. and though many have pissed on you you remain pure.

BY Marinarena





miscellany washed ashore ...

a curious poem on a Nirvana tee and Kurt Cobain






Stumbling upon

the rock, I stretched open arms

and landed softly


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